Granville Island - Sketch

Vancouver Watch Company


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Type: Two Tone

Granville Island is truly one of Vancouver’s gems; the island is visited by more than 10 million annually and over 3000 are employed here, in more than 300 businesses. Originally a home for industrial activity – slaughterhouses, iron works and sawmills, the island undertook a major transformation in the 1970’s. Today, it is more than an island, this area is an art piece where you will find and experience an assortment of delicious eateries and breweries, unique stores, and a large public market to name a few. Your senses will be stimulated with talented singers and songwriters and a myriad of street performers. Visions of paddle boarders, sailboats, and sunsets will warm your heart as you remember the spectacular golden reflection as the sun sets down over the bridge, water, and urban skyscrapers.

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