Queen Elizabeth Park - Multi Tone

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With over 6 million visits, Queen Elizabeth Park is second to only Stanley Park.  Known today for beautifully manicured public grounds, this gigantic 130 acre public park elicits attention from locals and visitors for the floral displays and magnificent views.  Standing 152 meters above sea-level, Queen Elizabeth Park offers beautiful views for all to see of the North Shore Mountains, the City of Vancouver and of course the beautiful park grounds. Although, the park is a gem in the city today, it was not always that way.  At the turn of the century, the park was scarred as it was quarried for it’s rock to build the Vancouver roadways.  Thankfully, in 1949, the vision for this oasis began to take shape with the help of a grant from the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association who started planting trees and paved the way for this stunning park that all enjoy today.

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